Realme is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer which was initially a project within popular Chinese brand Oppo. Some group employees resigned and started this brand, introducing the first Realme 1 in the market in May 2018.  The latest mobile phone under the brand is the V11 which was launched in 2021. It comes with 5G connectivity, 128GB internal storage,5000mAh battery, and a 6.5-inch display.

The greatest tagline of these phones is their affordability and huge storage space. With their main target market being young people globally, Realme mobile phones are on just the right track. In the same way, the C15 has a massive 6,000mAh battery size and still manages to have an impressive 64GB while only retailing for less than sh.17,000 at Barakaphones.

Furthermore, Realme X2 and  7Pro are some of the phones that come with an average price. Similarly, there are still great camera options in the Realme mobile phone brand as the likes of  7i,  7, and Realme 7 Pro all boast 64MP rear cameras. The latest version of the operating system will further see the phone’s further run of UI 2.0.

Best Features

Realme devices are very impressive in general. They are very fluid and fast in operation and have little or no issues. The phones come with Color OS and run on Android 11. The battery life is amazing with the speeds being impressive. The phones come with minimal lags and support multitasking, heavy usage, and gaming. The brand’s phones have a huge, clean, and premium display with the bodies looking premium.

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