OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer founded in the year 2013.  The founders of OnePlus Pete Lau and Carl Pei both worked in another leading smartphone manufacturing company Oppo before starting their own company. The company has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. OnePlus has an admirable pitch that it gives to its consumers making them attracted to the phones. The brand aims at producing good smartphones with high-end components but low price tags. OnePlus mobile phones have proved to be excellent devices over the years as it comes with nearly half the price of competitors such as iPhones and Samsung. However other competitors that are in the same price range are the likes of, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple. The brand now is owned by BBK Electronics that also owns popular brands like Vivo and Oppo. It rose to fame by offering top-notch specifications at a reasonable price.

OnePlus Global Market

One of the main reasons that should drive you straight up to buy OnePlus mobile phones is its price tag. It is cheaper than other flagship phones from brands such as Samsung, and Apple. Forget the saying that ‘Cheap is expensive’ as we instead prefer to go with ‘ affordable but the quality is amazing. One Plus 6 is another example of a great phone that sits next to iPhone X features but brings about an affordable price tag.

One Plus mobile phones also run on great chipsets and boast of great performance. An example of this is the OnePlus 8T being the last flagship of 2020 while having Snapdragon 865 SoC at the core. The mobile phones also brag of high-efficiency thanks to their high RAM. They also have little bloatware which makes them quite impressive. There are some features that One Plus mobile phones have and are not seen on other Android smartphones. The iPhone-style silent switch is amongst one of these features. This feature makes it easier to switch the phone to silent/ vibrate (One Plus 5). Furthermore, they also come with their own charging brick technology that maintains heat while charging.


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