Nokia Mobile phones come from a Finnish multinational corporation that was established in the 1990s. Mobile phones just keep getting better and better over the years. They are designed with style and durability that is able to meet the greatest stands of time over the years.

The devices have every edge sketched with precision and come with no clutter or bloatware. This ensures all the smartphone ranges give out a pure experience that stays secure and gets better.

Android Os runs on all the phones and furthermore, the 8.3 model has Android 11. These phones have an operating system that is capable of giving out superb performances to all devices. What sets the brand far apart from others is its ability to have better features. As an example the 2.1 has durability, longevity, and larger battery size. Lately, all of the devices are launched with Android OS with the 8.3 model having Android 11.


Users who are going for the camera as their priority can rely on the 9view. The device comes with an eye-catching five-camera cluster. Another great phone is the 7.2 which has a 48MP+8MP+5MP and a 20MP front camera. Users who love a huge display can rely on the 9 Pure view which has 5.9 inches. The 8.3 is a respectable entry into the 5G  market while those who have an interest in low tech but hardy phone

Devices that have huge storage space under the Nokia brand are the 8.1 with 64GB ROM and  8 with 128 GB internal storage. The 5.3 model brings the best OS and even spots Android 10. Other devices the following suit are Android 8.1 –Android 9 and include: the 7 Plus, 7.2, and 8.1 models.


Users can be able to get phones as low as Ksh.2500 when it comes to this brand. An example of such phones is Nokia 105, 106, and 130 feature phones. Nokia 5310 Xpress, C1,  2.1,  4.2, and  7.1 Plus are examples of mid-priced phones. Other phones that are slightly above budget phones pricing are the 7.2 and 8.1. It is worth noting that Nokia features ‘button’ devices that do not have a touch screen but still come with the latest features such as fingerprint and Camera. As an example, the 5310 has a waterproof build and supports quick charge. The latest Nokia mobile phone in the market that supports 5G is the 8.3 model while other recent smartphones in the market are: Nokia 5.3, C2, and C1.

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