As an American company, JBL specializes in manufacturing audio equipment that includes headphones and loudspeakers. Equally important, the company has two independent divisions that are based within itself. JBL professional specializes in producing professional equipment for markets. These include studio, cinema, and portable sound amongst others. Consequently, It Consumer produces audio equipment for the consumer home market. In the same way, the brand is owned by Harman International and is also a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

JBL collection has several products within it including Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, and ear pods. Moreover, the audio quality of its speakers is much in the trend and is a great value to the price tag attached to them. What makes the brand stand out besides others is its ability to make a statement in the audio segment for decades. Furthermore, it is currently incorporating the right technology at the right time in its products.

Bluetooth/Wireless JBL speakers

You will enjoy waterproof and long-lasting battery life with wireless speakers. They are portable and can fit in any surroundings. Some of the speakers under this range include Boombox 2, Charge 4, Xtreme 3, and Flip 5.

Home Theatre Speakers

The brand’s home theatre will bring the sound of movies straight to your home. The company aims to provide the ultimate sounds to thousands of users. This is not only through the audio performance but also through the design that aims at matching with your cinema. The home theatre’s speakers have powered subwoofers and dedicated center channel speakers that create an unmatchable surround sound. Cinema 510 consequently comes with several great features in this category. It has a 6.5 down-firing reflex 60W subwoofer that gives you deep bass and brings your movies to life.

Party speakers

The Bluetooth enabled party speakers to feature a dynamic light show. They include Party box 310, 300,100, and Party Box on the go.

Home Speakers

This category houses soundbars, sound woofers, In-wall and In-Ceiling speakers, and Loudspeakers. The soundbars offer cinema-quality audio in high style and include Bar 9.1 with Dolby, Bar 5.1, and Bar 2.1 deep bass. Furthermore, the sound speakers range from custom in all components to floor-standing speakers. In the same way, the wall and In-Ceiling Speakers include studio 2, Arena and C series, Architectural speakers. JBL subwoofers have all the power and low end that you will want. You will get to enjoy between the powered and wireless variants.

Kid Speakers

This brand has inclusive kids products with wireless kid speakers. Kids can party without worries as the  JR POP is exclusively designed for them.

Other JBL speakers

Similarly, other JBL speakers include Car speakers which provide you with the perfect car audio solution i.e JBL Fuse. Moreover, there is the marine audio category which consequently offers audio for boats.

Narrowing down on affordable JBL speakers is actually easier than it sounds. Thanks to the various speakers of low price options as well as others. Check out the JBL speaker cost of some of the very popular models that have taken the market by storm in the speaker’s price list below.

JBL FLIP 5 Ksh 11,500
JBL TUNE225WTS Ksh 10,500
JBL CHARGE 4 Ksh 16,500
JBL BOOMBOX 2 Ksh 48,000
JBL BAR 9.1 SOUNDBAR Ksh 110,000
JBL XTREME 3 Ksh 33,000
JBL CLIP 4 Ksh 8,500

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