Whether you want flagship or low-budget phones, Huawei has got everything under its wings. Huawei is a Chinese multinational company that has its headquarters in Shenzhen. It specializes in the development of telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics. Huawei mobile phones offer exquisite phones in their range i.e Huawei Mate Xs and the Huawei P40 range. Huawei launched the 990 5G processor in 2020’s debut phones. The P series and Mate series are examples of flagship devices from the brand. In terms of thinking, The P series is noted to be mainstream. Phones that value photography and have high performance are the Mate Series.

On the other hand, the Mate series is photo-minded while having high performance.AP20 and P30 still maintain being great phones. Google Play was the main AppStore for Huawei phones before 2020. However, all phones from the P40 Pro come with the Huawei App store.


Huawei P30 Pro tops the chart when it comes to RAM as it comes along with an 8GB RAM. The capable RAM not only supports the processor but also gives it top speed. You will never go wrong with the Huawei Mate XS phone when it comes to storage. The device comes with a 512GB ROM thus assuring you of sufficient storage. One can, however, go down the lane for the P30 series that comes with 256GB internal storage. Design-wise the P30 Pro and P20 pro can be termed as some of the highlights of the brand. They both come with a top drawer design that is all-around and an outstanding display as well.

The Camera feature of the brand is always outstanding and produces shots worth marveling at. P30 and P40 Pro plus are just a sample of the best smartphone camera system that comes with Huawei. P40 Pro Plus has a rear camera set up of 50MP+40MP+8MP+8MP while the front camera stands at 32MP. P30 Pro has a rear camera set up of 40MP,40MP, and 8MP and a 32MP+3D selfie camera. The largest battery phones in Huawei range from 4000-5000mAh and feature phones such as P20 Pro with 4000mAh and Mate 30 Pro with 5000mAh battery.

Low-priced phones under this segment include Y5 which comes at less than Ksh 10000 while budget and medium-priced phones range from the Y6P to  Mate 20. On the other hand, high-priced phones include the likes of Huawei Mate 30 Pro and  Mate 20. The latest brand under its pack is P40 Pro.

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