Apple Mobile Phones

Think of elegant, high end and amazing camera specs combination and the first thing that pops up is Apple mobile phones. It is an American multinational technology company and also happens to be the leading brand when it comes to mobile phones. Its greatest competitor is Samsung. .Its famous products are iPad, iPhone, iPad, and watches.
Apple has been able to create a Piñata game for us. The Apple mobile
phones have just been a game-changer as they come with newer hardware
advancements, software additions, and improved camera specs. The brand has seen changes from iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, and up to iPhone 12 series.  iPhone 13 is set to be launched in 2021 and is bound to be the best of other iPhones launched before. It has an ultra-wide camera which is even better than even that of the iPhone 12 Pro.


These mobile phones come with a whole diversity of wonderful specs. Don’t be scared by the price tags as there are even budgets in its product line.iPhone 12 Pro is the last phone that was launched in 2020 and is in the iPhone 12 series.  iPhone 11 Pro comes with a big display size 6.5-inch display. iPhones can be categorized into several hats in general. These include: Budget phones: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, greatest camera phones: Check out more Apple mobile phones price in Kenya
iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max.

     MODEL                                        PRICE

iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Starting from Ksh 160,000
iPhone 12 Pro 256GB Starting from Ksh 148,000
iPhone 12 128GB Starting from Ksh 102,000
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Starting from Ksh 120,000
iPhone 11 Pro Starting from Ksh 109,000
iPhone 11 Starting from Ksh 81,000
iPhone X 64GB Starting from Ksh 48,000
iPhone X 256GB Starting from Ksh 52,000
iPhone 8 256GB Starting from Ksh 36,000
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Starting from Ksh 35,000

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